New Modern Kitchen and Dining Room for this West Hills Classic Home

This west hills home was in need of a larger kitchen and a better place to entertain guests. We opened up the back of this home and added a very contemporary space while trying to be kind to a 100+yr old Japanese Maple tree that was located right on the side of the home. 

We carefully removed and recycled all the fixtures and material from the original galley style kitchen before supporting the back of the home while we added 450sf to of custom kitchen and dining to the home.

This client wanted to save moeny and finished the project themselves, so we offered our services on the "shell". Literally doing all the heavy lifting of the remodel and leaving the finishes to the home owners to complete.

The tree is VERY tight to the house. We needed to add a beam to keep the foundation away from the root structure

Set up to pour the foundation

A clean jobsite and recycling material makes work safe and efficient!

We laid yed out he floor plan in tricy areas to help the designer visualize needed changes to thier design

Roof Framing Types.JPG
Sometimes, the simpler you want something to look, the more complicated it is to build....
Being a design/build firm, we are uniquely able to create drawings on site that help the engineers and architects we work to speed up design decisions that save our clients time and money.