Phased Whole House Remodel

Just off Division Street in Portland this great Craftsman Style home needed a major remodel.  In order to keep the home owners in their house during the work we built temporary walls that divided the home in half and phased the work.   

Instead of just adding Rejuvenation sourced fixtures, we took a more modern look at the source of the Craftsman movement and used some simple Japanese elements to guide the design decision.  A new Fireplace Mantle, Custom Cabinetry, and Stained Glass work along with all new finishes and lighting scheme make the living space engaging, modern and yet still fitting with the Craftsman Style.

A Coffered ceiling an custom wainscotting warm up the Dining Room.  The final touch was the addition of reused sidelights that we turned into the new accordion doors to the this great new space.

Living Room Layout

Birdseye Maple, Cherry and Fir combined with custom cut slate to make a lovely and balanced Fireplace

Every panel needed to be laid out so that it intersected the existing windows just right!

A great example of a classic Portland Craftsman, it was an honor to get to bring new life back into this Home!