What if I-5 was Removed in the City?

This was a great exploration in what was possible if the City of Portland tunneled the I-5 corridor where it runs through the city.  It would also mean the removal of the Marquam Bridge, the easing of traffic pinch points, better access to the burgeoning Southeast side of town and the reclaiming of 60+ acres of waterfront land!

We explored in depth what could happen to this part of our city and invented a Boat Building Facility on the banks of the Willamette to showcase the possibilities of really Thinking BIG!

If you put part of I-5 underground and part of the traffic onto I-405, you could increase driveability and access while gaining 60+ acres of waterfront real estate!

A 'NODE' for looking, resting reaching down to the water.  A 2 way bike path and a sizable walking path...lots of room with out the cars in the way!


Although much of our work is smaller in focus, we are always thinking Big Picture and trying to make our communities the best they can be!