Hinge is all about building the best spaces we can and this project reflects everything that we are about.

Sleek clean Northwest modern lines.  An interplay with the site and how light interacts with the interior spaces.

The re-use of existing materials where we can. Using FSC certified materials where we need new.

The most stringent building certification program in the country.

We are hoping that this home becomes a template for the way we get to build all our future projects.

Check out our BLOG above to see how this project came together!




On this project we only took the building phase to cover-up and the home owners took on the rest of the project, hoping to save themselves some money.  Though we prefer to take all our projects to completion, we always work with our clients in anyway that helps them achieve their goals.

We are only the builders on this kitchen designed by Kevin Fisher

The addition will need a grade beam and several stout LVL beams to span long distances for the rolling walls to open up for entertaining.

In order to save the 100 year old Japanese Maple tree it was originally thought by the designer that we would need to make a notch in the roof, but we worked out a better approach that helped keep the modernist design simple and elegant and still save this amazing tree.