We are a full-service team of designers and builders who love crafting dynamic, contemporary spaces that fit within thier communities. By using locally-sourced materials in new ways, we are able to develop a system of building that appeals to forward-thinking clients wanting to live a more sustainable, healthy and beautiful life here in the Pacific Northwest.  Our decades of experience are put to task daily as we design and build better buildings than most people have seen or expect in this part of the world.  Whether creating or consulting, we strive to hear your ideas and help you create or remodel the special dream home you've always wanted. 


Scott Kosmecki, AIA, CPHC Founder, Hinge Build Group

Scott Kosmecki, AIA, CPHC
Founder, Hinge Build Group

Scott Kosmecki is the founder and manager of Hinge Build Group, LLC, a design-build firm that specializes in bringing high-performance building projects to market. A contractor since 1986, Scott focuses on building to today's highest standards while incorporating foam-free building techniques with locally sourced materials.  

Scott is an Associate Architect and AIA member since 2009 and is on the regional board of Passive House Northwest as well as deeply involved in Portland's We Dream of Zero organization and the national Passive House Alliance U.S..  He has created webinars, seminars and lectured on various high-performance building topics regionally and locally.   With a deep background in construction and high-performance and natural building techniques, Scott consults with other architects and builders regularly about how to "green" their projects but keep their budgets in line.

When not designing or building Scott loves to make use of his background in fine art, sculpting and creating artistic installations.  Though hard pressed for 'free time' these days, you will see in his Pinterest pages Scott's love of surfing and motorcycles.  These days free time is spent playing with his young daughter and doing 'foody' activities with friends & family.