We have found that the IKEA kitchen system is a really fantastic bargain.  The hardware options they offer are way under priced for their level of quality, and there are many ways to modify the stock cabinet and door system to create a truly custom look.

Here we used two different types of cabinets, adding lighter uppers over dark lowers to make this small-ish kitchen feel taller.

A custom built American Walnut counter top, nicknamed " the Surfboard" made this a very special place.

The screened in porch was designed well, so that the pre-painted sections could be built in one day!  Saving tons of time and money!

The yard was expertly landscaped under our direction by the amazing Chris van Gothem Landscaping.  The use of locally sorced linestone makes the backyard flow right out of the porch and keep all the bugs away!

Great spaces for year round entertaining!