It's not 8,000 lbs of Insulation...It's 8,000 lbs of "Thermal Battery"!

The first thing everyone asks us when we mention our passive house business is "how much insulation do you need?"  Well...a lot!

Insulation not only keeps the energy in the house on cool days, it also keep the energy out of the house on hot ones (solar gain is not just for windows — the sun shines on your walls and roof too).  Insulation works not just by stoping heat (energy) from moving through an assembly but by absorbing the energy and thereby slowing its movement to the other side.   

This energy is then released slowly helping to temper spaces in the building and stop big swings in temperature between day and night.  This ability to store energy when it is hot and release it when it gets cool basically turns your building into a "Thermal Battery".  Just like a battery, you store energy (heat) and then release it later.

We spend a lot of time making sure that every cavity in the envelope is fully insulated.  Even one missed cavity can cause problematic condensation by allowing a section of the building to get colder than the rest.  This condensation could potentially lead to mold growth if it doesn't get dried out.   

Every cavity that is filled in our projects is checked for proper density, ensuring a well insulated and high performing building!