Rockin' on the Inside...

It always feels great when the drywall goes in and you finally get a sense for how the spaces will feel.   Often people think that the drywall going in means the project is about over, in reality it is about at the half way point.   There are so many details that go into the completion of a good project that it just takes as long to get the finishing completed properly as it does the framing.   Still, it is nice to see the project moving along, and great to feel just how the spaces are measuring up!

If you look closely you can see that the drywall doesn't touch the floor in this home.   Instead, we decided to set the base flush with the face of the drywall for an extra clean & contemporary look.

You can also see how our by pushing the windows to the edge of the walls provides extra daylight deep into the spaces by using the wall as a reflector for the sun.  Very Nice!